Morning Ritual


Feed your body, mind and soul naturally. Morning Ritual is a perfect herbal blend of good vibes and relaxation to help you start your day right. Calendula, nettle and other herbs nurture your body with the nutrients it needs to heal naturally. Feel good from within, while adding a touch of relaxation to promote a positive outlook on life.

Benefits of the blend: Improves blood flow in the pelvis, relieves pelvic congestion, regulates hormones, stimulates and relaxes the uterus, increases mood, reduces stress, strengthens the nervous system, balances the endocrine system and nourishes the immune system. Cleanses both male and female reproductive systems. Supports sperm quality. Also has vitamin B, Calcium and Magnesium.

Ingredients: Angelica Root, Milk Oats, Peppermint, Calendula, Nettle

Caffeine Free

Hand Blended in USA


2oz makes 25-30 cups 

Customer Reviews

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Kayla King Scott

Morning Ritual

Nicole D Shadel
So delicious

I just enjoy a good cup of mint tea and this tea hits the spot!!! It help settle my stomach when I’m not feeling great and it’s also a great tasting cup of mint tea

Rick Yetts

Morning Ritual

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