Tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water. Its consumption is part of many people's daily routine, as an everyday drink and as a therapeutic aid in many illnesses.

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Take time for yourself

As women we run businesses, households, serve our communities and attend countless networking events per week. A cup of herbal tea can provide the support your mind and body needs to function properly throughout the day. It's easy to incorporate into your day and brings peace, serenity & connection back into your busy life.

Self-care is everyday and not just on the weekend


Good health, hydration and happiness are the main ingredients to a long productive life. Your body is supposed to feel good. The slightest ache or pain should not be ignored. They are red flags, distress signals and symptoms telling you that something in your world is out of balance. Listening to your body takes work, but the earlier you recognize that your body is calling out for assistance, the easier it will be to heal it naturally with natures natural medicine.

Tea Tasting Sampler - Includes 5 satchels of loose leaf tea ( .3oz each)


Tea Tasting Sampler - Includes 5 satchels of loose leaf tea ( .3oz each)


Want to get in on the Snobbery!

This sampler has something for every one and is a great way to get your feet wet if you're new to tea or trying to find your favorite blend. It also makes for a great gift.

This sampler is jammed packed with herbal goodness and comes with our 5 most poplar teas to keep your body, mind, soul and spirit in harmony.

Sampler includes:

Five .3 oz  blends = 1.5 oz of tea

1. Me Time 

2. Get It Together 

3Mint To Be

4. Rest Easy 

5. Peaceful Moments

The right nutrients

Give your body permission to do what it naturally does.

Multi-herb formulas allow you to address more facets of healing & support various conditions in one blend.