What's Your Tea Story?

What's Your Tea Story?


My stress, anxiety, headaches, weight gain, poor sleep, mood swings, inflammation, as well as aches and pains were at an all time high.

We all suffer from some form of an invisible condition, but this one particular day in November, I had had it with my invisible condition aka Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

It was taking a toll on me emotionally, mentally & physically, but I was determined not to allow it steal my day after another unproductive doctors appointment.

That day I came home and put some nettle and hibiscus in cup and poured hot water over them. I felt good after just one cup and decided to get another. After that second cup, it felt like life was returning to me. After a few days, I was feeling good and decided to do some research on what I was drinking.

To my surprise, loose leaf herbs… hit differently. I didn’t know it then, but that was the beginning of TEA SNOB. I began blending different herbs in my kitchen to alleviate my PCOS symptoms.

With each new day and every sip, I began to feel better emotionally, mentally & physically.

I had no intentions on sharing my blends with the world and starting a tea business was the furthest thing from my mind. Literally!

I was on the brink of starting a consulting company. I had the website and logo made and was ready to start advertising it, but there was something that kept holding me back from launching that consulting business…it was literally the TEA!

My body was feeling so good that I found myself up late at night researching herbs and there herbal actions (what they do in your body). I looked at big manufacturing tea companies and local tea growers. I was literally up all hours of the night looking at how I could get what I needed on a larger scale for my own health needs.

I settled on a local grower and received my requested blends within 5 days.

After a few days of trying out all the blends, I was feeling even better! I didn’t even know that was possible, hell, I couldn’t remember the last time my entire body felt that good at the same time.

We often forget what it feels like to feel good because we have a tendency to suppress things and keep going. Well I was fully aware that my body was responding differently and it felt good.

Your body is suppose to feel good no matter the shape or size.

Who knew…all I needed was a good cup of all natural loose leaf tea to provide the nutrients to nourish my body back to good health, hydration and happiness!

🍵 Get you some!

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