His & Her tea blends. Includes our 5 hand blended teas.


It takes 2 to make a thing go right! That's why it's important that couples prepare for fertility together.

Hormonal changes can lower your mood and increase your stress making it hard for both parties to perform and lower the chances of conception. These teas are sure to boost circulation, sexual satisfaction, libido, fertility, support your reproductive systems and lower your stress levels to aid you in all of your baby making sessions.

The Tea Snob mindset is all about good health, hydration and happiness.  We’ve collected five fertility teas to assist you in getting your bundle of joy!

Kit includes:

Five organic whole leaf blends

Rising Fertility - Wild Yam, Sassafras, Red Clover, Spilanthes, Bee Ball

Stimulating (his/her)-  Ashuagandha,  Passionfruit, Nettle, California Poppy

Regulator (his/her)- Shatavari, Licorice root, Rose petals, Marshmallow Root

Oh Baby (his/her) - Alfalfa, Holy Basil, Vitex berry, Ginkgo Biloba

Morning Ritual - Angelica root, Milk oats, Mint, Calendula

Each Blend is 2oz and makes 25-30 cups

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